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In an exciting collaboration, the Gibraltar Football Association and PossAbilities have teamed up to create sports sessions for their members. Led by Tracey Baglietto & Prisan Fa, PossAbilities has already initiated small football sessions, with the GFA providing essential support, including coach clothing, balls, and equipment.

This marks the beginning of a more integrated engagement between the two organisations which will see PossAbilities' staff benefit from pathways through the GFA's coach education programs, while also assisting in the enhancement of inclusive youth football programs. 

This partnership stands as a commitment to building a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship between both organisations that promises to empower aspiring athletes, provide learning opportunities for coaches, and make a lasting impact on the inclusive youth football landscape in Gibraltar. 

PossAbilities' Nicole Buckley said: 
“PossAbilities appreciates the support and collaboration from the GFA, towards the creation of integrated and inclusive football sessions, adapted for those with supported needs, disabilities and members of the Neurodiverse community. This is but a starting point of a joint approach towards a fruitful and equitable future in football for all.“