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The UEFA Nations League has proved, since its inception in 2018, as the most successful tournament for Gibraltar’s Men’s National Team. Victories away in Armenia and at home to Liechtenstein in the competitions inaugural edition laid the foundations for a triumphant campaign in 2020 where Gibraltar’s Men won their League in Group D, undefeated, and secured what many observers viewed as an unexpected but thoroughly deserved promotion into League C. The only drawback was that the triumphant campaign was played out in the midst of the COVID pandemic, meaning that spectators were not allowed in to the Victoria Stadium to enjoy the success.

It is that very League C campaign, which Gibraltar were promoted into, and was played in 2022, remains ‘unfinished’. Consequently, yesterday’s 2024/25 Nations League Draw for Gibraltar’s Men meant two options, both of which are dependent on an upcoming two legged playoff against Lithuania, which may seem a tough proposition, but memories of that 1-1 draw against Bulgaria are still fresh, in a competition that undoubtedly inspires Gibraltar.



The two options thrown up by last night’s draw in Paris for Gibraltar (playoff dependent) are simple. Win over two legs against Lithuania and Gibraltar remain in League C, in Group 2 taking on Romania, Kosovo and Cyprus. Lose in the playoff and Gibraltar drop down into League D Group 1 alongside Liechtenstein and San Marino in what would be a repeat of the historic 2020 edition of the Nations League.



The 2024/25 edition for the Nations League begins in September, but critically, unfinished business remains with the playoff against Lithuania just over a month away.  Gibraltar are at home in Faro on the 21st of March with he away leg in Lithuania on the 26th March, and only then will Gibraltar’s Men’s National Teams pathway into the next edition of the Nations League be confirmed.



League C Group 2 Potential Fixtures:

  • 6th September 2024: Gibraltar/Lithuania v Cyprus
  • 8th September 2024: Romania v Gibraltar/Lithuania
  • 12th October 2024: Gibraltar/Lithuania v Kosovo
  • 15th October 2024: Gibraltar/Lithuania v Romania
  • 15th November 2024: Cyprus v Gibraltar/Lithuania
  • 18th November 2024: Kosovo v Gibraltar/Lithuania


League D Group 1 Potential Fixtures:

  • 8th September 2024: Gibraltar/Lithuania v Liechtenstein
  • 10th October 2024: Gibraltar/Lithuania v San Marino
  • 13th October 2024: Liechtenstein v Gibraltar/Lithuania
  • 15th November 2024: San Marino v Gibraltar/Lithuania.