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The Gibraltar Football Association (“GFA”) addresses the recent statement released by Lynx FC (“the Club”), in which the Club has alleged bias against the GFA and questioned the integrity of the decision-making process in recent disciplinary proceedings involving them.

In response, the GFA categorically denies any allegations of bias, emphasising its dedication to fairness and integrity in all its proceedings. The decision in focus was made by the GFA’s Disciplinary Committee, an independent panel of highly reputable individuals, formed in line with the GFA Disciplinary Regulations. This Committee is tasked with an impartial evaluation of cases based on the relevant rules. In this particular instance, the Committee’s decision was reached after a full and transparent hearing, where all the relevant facts and evidence were considered. The GFA did not even participate in this hearing, except as an observer. Further details of this decision are available on the GFA’s website.

The GFA acknowledges Lynx FC’s disagreement with the decision and respects the Club’s right to an appeal. The GFA upholds a transparent and accountable system, supporting the right of parties to contest decisions perceived as unjust. The GFA will, therefore, respect the ongoing appeal process and abstain from further commentary on the matter until the appeal is resolved (again, by an independent panel).