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The Gibraltar FA is holding a Referee Exchange with the Football Association of Malta this weekend which will see Maltese officials on the Rock to take charge of Gibraltar Football League matches this weekend and simultaneously Gibraltar match officials travel to Malta to officiate in Maltese domestic football.

Seth Galia, Denis Perez, Kyron Azopardi, and Jose Antonio Diaz are the Gibraltar FA’s officials making the journey to Malta. Seth Galia will lead the team on Saturday afternoon as he takes charge of St Andrews v Marsa at 16:30, with Denis Perez refereeing Sunday’s game between Lija Athletic and Senglea Athletic, which also has a 16:30 kick-off.

In Gibraltar, the visiting Maltese officials will take charge of two Gibraltar Football League matches, beginning with Mons Calpe SC v Glacis United FC on Saturday at 16:30 and then the huge game of the weekend between Lincoln Red Imps FC and FCB Magpies on Sunday at 19:30.

Referee Exchanges play a vital role in the continuous professional development of match officials, and the Gibraltar FA’s Referee Manager Patrick Canepa commented:

“I am extremely excited ahead of this weekend. Exchanges like these allow referees to experience a different football culture, in domestic football in another country. They also have a huge benefit for the teams who play in these matches as players and coaches will get to witness firsthand how referees from different countries manage the game, but ultimately go about their business applying the laws of the game in the same manner as ours do. These exchanges are key as they play a huge part in their development as match officials and provide excellent opportunities to experience refereeing and taking charge of football in a different country where cultures, styles, and approaches may be different.”

If anyone wants more information on refereeing in Gibraltar or is interested in becoming a referee, email the Gibraltar FA’s refereeing department: