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This weekend, the Gibraltar FA are delighted to host referees from San Marino as part of an organised exchange which also sees match officials from Gibraltar, head to San Marino.  For the first time, an exchange of futsal match officials will also take place. 

In the GFL, the San Marinese officials will take charge of Saturday afternoon's clash between St Joseph’sand FCB Magpies.

The visiting Futsal officials will take charge of two matchday 16 Premier Division matches:

  • Hercules FC vs Bavaria FC
  • Europa FC vs Lions FC 

Gibraltar Referees Herbert Warwick, Denis Perez, Fausti Guerrero and Adrian Carrillo, will travel to San Marino and will officiate Virtus vs Domagnano on Saturday afternoon then Tre Penne vs Cosmos on Sunday.  This is now Herbert’s and Denis’s 3rd and 2nd visit to San Marino and will be the first for both Fausti and Adrian.

Early next week sees futsal officials Zyl Sheriff and Daniel Sanchez travel to San Marino to officiate for the first time in the San Marinese Futsal League.