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The 2023 Women’s Futsal League kicks off the Special Olympics Sports Hall this weekend, with seven teams taking part in the competition this year.

The tournament begins with a round robin stage, with teams split into two groups. The top two teams in each group qualify for the semi-final stage which along with final will be played on a one match knock out basis.

As part of the competition, Hercules FC have joined forces with College 1975 FC to submit their team.

Gibraltar Wave FC and Mons Calpe SC, who have also joined forces will compete under the 'Gibraltar Wave' name for the Women's Futsal league. 

Here are the two groups which were drawn earlier this week:       


Group 1

Lions Gibraltar FC ‘Orange’

Europa FC ‘Green’

Gibraltar Wave

Hercules College 1975 FC


Group B

Lions Gibraltar FC ‘Grey’

Europa FC ‘Pink’

Lynx FC


The Futsal League will be played every Sunday, with the exception of the 29th May, up to the 4th June.